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Our Story

In our endeavor to be a revered therapeutic aesthetic products marketing company, we, at Geosmatic C & C Pvt Ltd. have dedicated all our efforts to the pursuit of excellence. Our thoughts and approach are firmly rooted in our values and principles and hence, resonate with the requirements of the aesthetic industry.

We provide services to Dermatologists, Trichologists, and Cosmetologists. We pride ourselves in being a company that offers a mélange of services and products for skin lightening, skin rejuvenation, hair care management, and vitiligo, as well as regenerative medicines and sun protectors.

The birth of Geosmatic C & C Pvt. Ltd. can be attributed to our mission of catering to the requirements of aestheticians while ceaselessly aspiring to improve the quality of products we bring to the market. Our vision as an entity is to make top-notch services and products available to practitioners all over the globe.

We ascribe our success in providing such quintessential service to our esteemed clients, entirely to the coordinated efforts of all the doctors and the rest of the team at Geosmatic. Mr. Somen Banerjee (CMD Geosmatic C & C Pvt. Ltd) reiterates, “We have indeed been fortunate, for there has been an outpour of suggestions and help from all the good-willed doctors.

Every launched product and service mirrors a synchronized effort. Geosmatic has an objective to facilitate continued professional development towards the aesthetic dermatology fraternity because it cares for the well-being of its clients and hence provides excellent products with swift deliverance.”