Quintessence Clarifying Under Eye Serum

The purest form of Vitamin A & K1

Quintessence Clarifying Under Eye Serum is specially designed as a clarifying product for nighttime application to reduce dark, under-eye circles, making the face look brighter and healthier.

60 Vegi caps

Features and benefits

  • Gently delivers concentrated levels of Retinol (purest form of Vitamin A)
  • The vitamin K in it decrease pigmentation

  • Vitamins C and E and Green Tea Extracts help fight free-radical damage
  • Helps improve skin texture by
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles in the Crow’s Feet area
  • Helps keep the skin looking vibrant
  • Advanced time release delivery system, backed by five US Patents
  • Delivers optimum potency and maintains stability of ingredients
  • Hygienic delivery system eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination
       in the delicate eye area
  • Results are backed by science
  • Utilization of advanced delivery system technologies, Micro sponge and