PerfectHA Filler

PERFECTHA is a tailor-made range of "Made In France" Hyaluronic Acid dermal filers, designed for wrinkle correction, facial contouring & volume restoration, offering immediate natural-looking & long-lasting results

Available around 70 countries
12 years of clinical Use
50,00,000+ syringes sold worldwide

The E-BRID Technology enables the presence of a higher number of covalent bonds which helps in slowing down the enzymatic degradation & allowing the gel to stay longer in the skin. The HA Polymer Solution added to the microgel particles also creates a protective fluid environment which slows down the gel degradation process for longer-lasting results.
E-BRID Technology

A state-of-the-art manufacturing process

What makes PERFECTHA unique?
The HA Connection is the same across the whole PERFECTHA range : 20ml. The gel particle size acts
as a factor of distinction: the bigger the particles, the greater the volumizing effect & the resistance to enzymatic degradation.

Product Range
The PERFECTHA range is comprised of 2 products:

A state-of-the-art manufacturing process

3PF Technique

In this protocol, the face is divided into 3 thirds. For each third, one point is located as a point of entery
This technique is applied using a cannula. A needle is recommended for the temporal fossa augmentation, and can also be
used for adding more volume to precise areas, like the chin, if needed.