Osaine AHA Peeling Serum

Potent & Patented Skin Brightening Agents

Osaine AHA Peeling Serum is a patented skin brightening agent which improves skin elasticity, enhances collagen synthesis and reduces dark spots.
Available in 50ml


  • Glycolic acid in micronized form
  • Vitamin C (AA2G)
  • Mandelic acid in micronized form
  • Chromabright

Effects and Benefits

  • Combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids & Tyrosinase inhibitors
  • Minimize the pigmentation & maintain skin resilience
  • Strengthens collagen synthesis
  • Prevention of inflammation and aging of the skin through antioxidant activity (scavenging of radicals)
  • Effective in exfoliation of the dead skin cells of the epidermis
  • Depigmentation effect
  • Suppression of UV damage to the skin