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Corporate Overview
We are the GEOSMATIC COSMECEUTICALS & COSMOCARE PVT. LTD., A leading trusted honest laser and cosmeceutical marketing company based in INDIA. We are mainly into dermatologist / Trichologist / Cosmetologist / Plastic surgeon segment. We are pioneer company with several preparation for skin lighting/fungal/acne/pilling/hair care management/skin rejuvenation/sun protectors.

Geosmatic is an entity to serve the aesthetic practice. Geosmatic is created with an intention to provide the best in the globe. Geosmatic exist to explain the science behind cosmetic dermatology. Geosmatic information enlarges the use of mechanics and physics on human skin. Geosmatic consistently works to improve on the needs of the aesthetician.

Company Vision:
Geosmatic intends to match the highest standards of patient care in cosmetic dermatology. Geosmatic has an objective to facilitate continued professional development towards cosmetic dermatology. Dermatology deals with illness of the skin. Cosmetic dermatology will care for the wellness of the skin. Geosmatic works for: healthy skin maintenance with measurement & relates to the specification of skin types in specific to treat the aging skin. Acne, sebum, sweat fat, hair conservation, restoration and removalnails, pigment retinoids, cosmetic chemistry,dermopharmacycosmeceuticalsare the area of functions of Geosmatic cosmeceuticals & cosmocare. Striae, cellulite, blepharoplasty botulinum, fillers, peels and dermabrasion as well as lipolysis are the concerns of Geosmatic cosmeceuticals & cosmocare. Geosmatic cosmeceuticals & cosmocare scientifically promotes electrical surgery,lasers including laser physics laser safety,vascular lasers, pigment lasers, hair removal lasers,resurfacing lasers, dermal modeling lasers.

Company Mission:
To become a one stop shop for cosmetic dermatologists with trust. The motto of geosmatic is "to face the defaced" An eye opener report: in the year 2001 in germany 93.5 % dermatology departments were having laser at their disposal for treating cosmetic skin lesions & 79.6 % carry out injections with botulinum and 59.3% perform chemical peels while 37% performed tissue augmentation with injectable fillers..

The range of products speaks volumes of geosmatic mission: you ask for an information, You ask for a product, you ask for your need to be fulfilled geosmatic will be more than happy to do so.

Our Motto:
“Health For Human Race” Increasing the life expectancy and to improve the quality of life of the people. GEOSMATIC COSMECEUTICALS & COSMOCARE PVT. LTD. Works at the basic structural and functional unit of life “THE CELL”