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Dr. Swapnil Shah, Solapur

I am using most of Geosmatic products in my practice. With Forti5 capsules I found vellus hair growth & increased hair count. Combination of AHA & BHA at therapeutic concentration in chemical peels is a great advantage to Indian skin type. For synergistic & fast results, I’m using BCT PRP kit in combination with LASER devices.

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Dr. Abhay Talathi, Mumbai

We have been using various Geosmatic products for over 7 to 8 years, happy & satisfied with their outcomes. Products like Forti5 capsules, URTO shampoo & Lotion and AHA whitening peeling serum have added a different dimension to home care treatments. Thanks Geosmatic.

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Dr. Atul Kathed, Indore Indore

I am satisfied with results delivered by products of Geosmatic. I am using Forti5 Capsules since launched, found very good Vellus hair regrowth, reduced hair fall & increased hair density. URTO is worth product from their hair basket. My patients are happy with results of Agas whitening treatment.

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Dr. Dilip Hemnani, Indore

I am using Geosmatic products since long period, satisfied with results delivered by products. I satisfied with the results of AHA whitening peeling serum, URTO, Chemical peels & Serum C. Forti5 capsules giving hopes to bald patients, with monotherapy.

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Dr. Janak K Thakkar, Rajkot

I appreciate results of Geosmatic Xtra range with Biomimetic peptides. Forti5 Capsules are giving good results in hair regrowth. Geosmatic products are specially formulated according to Indian skin type. Geomedics has always been supportive and ahead of everyone in bringing out the best of the technology for us & our patients.

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Dr. Harshit Ranpara, Rajkot

I am happy using many products from Geosmatic. Very much impressed with Agas whitening system & Optima hair color. Forti5 capsules given a new dimension to treat MPHL & FPHL. All products are very useful in my practice.

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Dr. Manoj Kansara, Surat

Geosmatic provide FDA approved high quality products. AHA Whitening peeling serum is the one of the best product of mine, patients are totally satisfied. AGAS results (instant whitening) were found good specially for function or program. All chemical peels are balanced combination, results are very good with Glicolico peel and Yellow peel.

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Dr. Sharmila Nayak (The Skin 1st Clinic, Mumbai)

We are using several products from Geosmatic, I really like formulation & results of Forti5, URTO & AGAS Whitening System. All our clients are satisfied with results delivered.

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Dr. Shubha Dharmana, Bangalore

I have positive feedback from my clients regarding Serum C & URTO Shampoo. Good quality products from Geosmatic.

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Dr. Sachin Kashid, Pune

Using URTO since 2 years, mainly in the treatment of Telogen Effluvium, Androgenetic Alopecia, Hair Fall. Results of URTO are good hair fall controlled within 2-3 weeks, regrowth & density seen after 4-6 months of therapy, lustrous hair seen.

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Dr. Sonia Feroz, Trivendram

I have been a regular & enthusiastic user of BCT PRP kit & Cellular Matrix for past 5 years. The consumer satisfaction is clearly evident than with other brands of PRP tubes, it has a great efficacy & quality. Miami peel is yet another favorite of mine. Acne PIH & Melasma are the main indications I have used. As it completely safe peel, its used even for a routine skin rejuvenation.


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