Management Team

Somen Kumar Banerjee

Chairman cum Managing Director of the board of Geosmatic Cosmecuticals & Cosmocare Pvt. Ltd.

Thank you for taking time to visit us on our website, I take this opportunity to thank our valued Dr’s Giving 15 years into research and development, pharmaceutical marketing, strategic planning, clinical research, he unleashes human genius and inspires deep commitment and magnificent levels of service and satisfaction.Geosmatic is his brain child hence his work reflects perfection, right from the establishment of policies to the continuous monitoring of their proper implementation. He believes in providing an array of o options for the treatment. With the cutting-edge thinking, he captures the imaginative reins of their thoughts. His passion is driven by core business practices that foster and reward collaboration. He believes that fundamentals are the key to success. He blends inherent local wisdom with an organization’s culture so that it becomes a distinct culture by which the institution is differentiated.

He says, “We provide skills and essential tools to build a culture of trust and a contributive spirit that emanates good corporate governance. We engage employees to be interdependently objective, honest and perceptive to new ideas and to provide the best services to our clients.

We practice principles and universal values applicable for everyone and can be pragmatically applied to deliver a sincere contribution to leave a legacy”.

Nailesh Gandhi

CEO & Director of the board of Geosmatic Cosmecuticals & Cosmocare Pvt. Ltd.

Reining the heart of business for last three decades, he looks into the financial aspect of business. A man who shoulders great responsibility and has always earnestly worked for the success of the organization. Being the cofounder of Geosmatic, he believes in the true essence of good governance.He has worked hand in hand with Somen Banerjee. He bestows great trust in the policies framed by Mr. Somen Banerjee.

Ajit Pande

COO & Director of the board of Geosmatic Cosmecuticals & Cosmocare Pvt. Ltd.

A management graduate from the most esteemed institution of India has performed his duties among the fortune 500 company. Being a process oriented person, he looks into the review analysis, forecasting and the most important thing synchronization between the department and working as a bridge for the success of organization. A partner in the company, his work reflects meticulous planning and diligent execution. He believes that the difference between something good and something great is attention to details.


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