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Origin or Course of Discovery & Course of Development:

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring linear polysaccharide, widely distributed in human tissues, where it constitutes the major part of the extracellular matrix. It is mostly found in epithelial, connective and neural tissues, and plays therefore important biological roles in tissue such as the skin and the articular cartilage.
Because of its unique medical/physical properties, Hyaluronic acid is used in various medical applications, ranging from aesthetic medicine to orthopedics. Particularly, its high viscoelastic properties



HA in the skin:

Hyaluronic acid, as an important component of the skin, is a major contributor to the formation of a resilient gel-like ground substance that resists compressive forces.
As for the synovial fluid, the amount of Hyaluronic acid in the skin progressively decreases with age, leading to the development of aging features and wrinkle formation and resulting in decreased tissue elasticity and hydration.


Why HA has gained special interest:

When injected into the skin in the form of a gel, long fibers of Hyaluronic acid absorb water and provide volume. For that reason, Hyaluronic acid fillers are becoming the material of choice for use in cosmetic, for soft tissue and dermal correction.



  • SkinVisc is a sterile and non-pyrogenic formulation of natural, highly concentrated, high molecular weight Hyaluronic acid from fermentation in physiological phosphate buffer.
  • It is available in three syringes of 2 ml individually packed.
  • SkinVisc is for single use only and designed to be used with sterile and single use needles (25G or 27G)

Composition & Intended Use:

  • 2 mL of solution contains 40mg of Hyaluronic acid (MW:1500-2000KDa) in phosphate buffer and water for injection.
  • Intended use: Intra-dermal injections for hydration of dehydrated and wrinkled skin tissues (SkinVisc).
  • Intra dermal injections must be performed on clean skin (exempt of make-up) using the same precautions as any other intra-dermal filler. Sensitive skin may be pretreated using a local anesthetic cream


  • Noncytotoxic
  • Nonhemolytic
  • Negligible Irritant
  • Non toxic
  • Non sensitizer
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Safe & sterile
  • High MW & Non-cross linked HA
  • Each syringe contains 2 mL of solution contains 40mg of Hyaluronic acid.
  • Cost effective

Product Brochure / Presentation:

  SkinVisc Brochure

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