Regen PRP kit

US FDA approved Regen Lab BCT PRP kit

It is our pleasure to introduce RegenLab, Switzerland to India. RegenLab manufactures the world leading Platelet Rich Plasma technology in the field of aesthetic medicine, orthopedic and the treatment of many other clinical conditions. 

More than 600 clinical studies investigate the effectiveness of Regenlab's Autologous PRP in various medical disciplines & it’s a sole kit in the world, which had been approved by US FDA.

A-PRP contains growth factors like PDGF, IGF, EGF, VEGF & TGF which will promptly in tissue regeneration.

A-PRP increases the production of collagen (Cheng, 2011), enhances skin elasticity, tone and thickness (Redaelli, 2010; Sclafani, 2010). It stimulates stem cell differentiation and proliferation (Krasna, 2007), stimulates angiogenesis (Pietramaggiori, 2010) leading to skin regeneration.

The RegenLab PRP Kit's following characteristics clearly differentiates itself from others:

  • Simple and fast process. PRP is ready with only few steps in less than 10 minutes.
  • Only 8 ml of whole blood are required to prepare 3-4 ml of PRP
  • Double Sterile Blister Pack. Regen Lab PRP is the only PRP approved to be used in an operating room
  • Regen Lab PRP has more than 40 international approvals  including US-FDA, Health Canada, CE, most Middle Eastern and Asian countries
  • Regen Lab PRP has the highest platelet yield (>96%) of all commercially available systems
  • The Regen technology effectively isolates the platelet concentrate  with a physical barrier (Thixotropic Gel) from the red blood cells (<2% of RBC's Present).
  • Regen Lab has more than 12 years clinical experience  in aesthetic indications and PRP kit is used for various clinical trials, including skin rejuvenation and alopecia.
  • Regen Lab offers proven detailed clinical protocols, clinical studies, a dedicated YouTube channel with  procedural videos.

Regen PRP Kit is designed to prepare Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (A-PRP) by centrifugation of 8 ml whole blood in a Sterilized Regen Lab vacuum tube at 3400 RPM for 5 minutes (with Regen centrifuge).
Regen PRP Kit generates 1.7- 2.5 fold platelet concentration which is optimal to reactivate natural regenerative process without overstimulating the tissue.

Preparation of Regen Lab A-PRP:

Youtube video

  • Regenlab Cellular Matrix

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