Cellular Matrix

Cellular Matrix: Regen Lab, Switzerland USFDA Approved PRP+HA (Hyaluronic Acid) Kit

This is the only kit from the Regen Lab in the world which has PRP+ HA, together. This will deliver the Hydration & volumizing Effect of HA Bio-polymer with the Stimulation Properties of A-PRP Growth Factors.

Advantageous of Hyaluronic acid & A-PRP Combination:

HA has gained special interest as a biomaterial scaffold. When injected into the skin in the form of a gel, long fibers of Hyaluronic acid absorb water (400 water molecules are absorbed by single HA molecule) and provide volume. Indeed, while the Hyaluronic acid acts as a temporary dermal substitute, PRP stimulates the surrounding cells. The three-dimensional scaffold is promptly colonized by fibroblasts, which produce extracellular matrix components and promote the ordered reconstruction of dermal tissue.

Cellular Matrix Product Characteristics:

  • Contains 2 ml of natural, non-cross linked, fermented HA (MW= 1,550 kDa) at a concentration of 15 mg/ml (30 mg total) in addition to the thixotropic cell-separation gel & Sodium Citrate as an Anticoagulant.
  • Provides 4 ml of the A PRP-HA combination in a closed system from 4 ml of autologous blood
  • Immediate formation of a cell-friendly HA network in which platelets are dispersed
  • Significantly higher viscosity than A-PRP
  • Potential for increased residence time and growth factor release
  • Positive impact on cell migration and differentiation
  • Treatment regimen of up to 3 i.d. injections
  • Three standard Regen Lab tubes packaged in double blister pack

After intradermal injection of the PRP+HA, Skin firmness and elasticity is improved with reduced wrinkles prevention & better appearance

Procedure for the Preparation of PRP+HA:

  • 4 ml of blood is taken into cellular matrix yellow cap tube, gently move the tube up & down so the blood get mixed with pre-filled anticoagulant & HA
  • Centrifuge the tube on Regen Lab centrifuge system for 3100 RPM, for 5 minutes (use 10 cc of Saline water in a balancer tube)
  • After centrifuging, take the tube out, the tube will now contains all hematocrits in the bottom, thixotropic gel in the middle, HA+ PRP, above the gel
  • Gently move tube up & down, minimum 35 to 40 time , slowly, up & down , so that , the HA gel will mixed well with PRP & forms  a cellular sediment
  • This prepared A-PRP+HA mixture can be further utilized for desired clinical indication

Cellular Matrix: A-PRP+HAvideo demonstration:

Youtube video

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Dr. Sonia Feroz


I have been a regular & enthusiastic user of BCT PRP kit & Cellular Matrix for past 5 years. The consumer satisfaction is clearly evident than with other brands of PRP tubes, it has a great efficacy & quality.

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