URTO Shampoo and Lotion

URTO - Unique Regrowth Treatment Optima

A New Approach to Treat Hair loss With:

  • Microxidil complex
  • Potent DHT inhibitor
  • Biomimetic peptides
  • Rich in many natural actives

Hairloss has many causes: stress, fatigue, diet or it can be hereditary.
There are times when hair loss can increase, during which it is important to intervene with a specific, functional intense treatment.

OPTIMA Laboratories have developed a therapeutic programme called U.R.T.O (Unique Regrowth Treatment Optima) design to provide hair and scalp with a 4 week shock therapy treatment programme.

U.R.T.O is a unique regrowth treatment based on an innovative complex (Biomimeticpeptides & organic resources which control 5-Alpha Reductase) of highly active ingredients to help prevent hair loss and stimulate growth enriched with MICROXIDIL complex.

Microxidil Complex is a highly effective microblend of active ingredients. Saw Palmetto, Caffeine and Biotin work in synergy to help reduce and prevent hairloss.

U.R.T.O is rich in Microxidil and many other natural actives to stimulate hair growth and promote healthy hair and scalp to prevent premature loss.

Saw palmetto:

A natural source to inhibit 5-alpha reductase type I & II. Saw Palmetto extract is rich in fatty acids, carotenoids, essential oils and polysaccharides.

  • URTO Suppression

Saw palmetto: inhibitor of 5-AR:

Saw Palmetto has the ability to inhibit the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, responsible for converting the hormone testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone),which is considered a key factor to the onset and progression of accelerated hairloss.

Role of Saw palmetto:

  • URTO Suppression

  • URTO Suppression


Caffeine has the ability to interact with the hair follicle where it has a stimulating effect that increases hair growth.
The studies carried out to find new effective mechanisms against Androgenetic alopecia yield the surprising result that Caffeine can cancel the undesirable effects of testosterone. These results showed that, in addition to the generally expected effect of improving circulation, caffeine had other effects that had previously been overlooked. In the wake of these reports, caffeine was applied to the hair follicles of men with beginning hereditary hormonal hairloss and the results were analyzed.

Caffeine penetration in shampoo formula:

  • URTO Suppression
* Study that was conducted at the Berlin university clinic.

Caffeine may be a potent growth-stimulating agent suitable for long-term therapeutic or prophylactic treatment of patients with a genetic predisposition to Androgenetic alopecia.


Biotin (also known as Vitamin B7) an important component in the walls of cells. Biotin helps reduce inflammation of the scalp and promotes hair growth, particularly when caused by stress.

Additional actives in URTO:

  • Intense hairloss prevention programme
  • Maintain scalp in optimal health
  • Stimulating growth of hair follicle
  • Rich in many natural actives:
    • Panthenol
    • Hyaluronic acid
    • Ginkgo Biloba
    • Eucalyptus extract
URTO Shampoo - For weak, thinning hair

  • Enriched with MICROXIDIL
  • Encourage micro-capillary circulation
  • Nourish hair follicle
  • Contributes to improving hair growth when associated with URTO Lotion
URTO Lotion - For weak, thinning hair

  • Highly effective formula
  • Encourages micro-capillary circulation
  • Stimulates cell mitosis
  • Enhances hair density
  • Anti-free radical action
  • Improves overall health


  • URTO Suppression


Dr. Abhay Talathi


URTO shampoo & Lotion have added a different dimension to home care treatments.

Dr. Atul Kathed


URTO is worth product from their hair basket.

Dr. Dilip Hemnani


I satisfied with the results of URTO shampoo & Lotion.

Dr. Sharmila Nayak

The Skin 1st Clinic, Mumbai

I really like formulation & results of URTO shampoo & Lotion.

Dr. Shubha Dharmana


I have positive feedback from my clients regarding URTO.

Dr. Sachin Kashid


Using URTO since 2 years, mainly in the treatment of Telogen Effluvium, Androgenetic Alopecia, Hair Fall. Results of URTO are good hair fall controlled within 2-3 weeks, regrowth & density seen after 4-6 months of therapy, lustrous hair seen.

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