SAMA Peel - Medium chemical peeling

It is a combination of a 30% beta-hydroxy acid (salicylic acid) with a 20% alpha-hydroxy acid (mandelic acid). It is still not frequently used. In addition to the benefits of the combination—in which the salicylic acid penetrates rapidly and the mandelic acid penetrates the epidermis slowly and evenly, which is ideal for sensitive skins—it has the added benefit of preventing post-inflammatory pigmentation, making it especially useful for ethnic skins. It is indicated for the treatment of acne, post acne scars, and dyschromias, including melasma. The combination of salicylic and mandelic acids is more effective in treating active acne and post-acne hyperpigmentation.


  • Mandelaic Acid - 20%
  • Salicylic Acid - 30%


Anti-inflammatory, Bacteriostatic, Sebostatic Comedolytic Germicide, Exfoliation, Moisturizing, Revitalizing, Cellular renewal

Application Technique

  • Cleansing & Make up Removal: Soak cotton pads in Water. Proper cleansing and complete makeup removal of the skin to be treated. Do not rinse.
  • Degreasing: Soak a gauze in DEGREASING LOTION. Rub vigorously on the area to be treated in order to guarantee the complete cleansing of the skin's fatty layer.
  • Protocol - 1ml to 1.5ml for 1 full coat on the face, some client may require another coat if essentials, safe to use any part of the body.
  • Recommended Exposure Times- Correct cleansing & degreasing of the skin. The product should be applied to the full face. Approximately 20 min, the product can be left in contact with the skin, until we see the crystallization. Neutralize with cold water or after 20 minutes.
  • Sessions- 4-6 sessions every 10 days apart, Treatment can be repeated later 2 months apart.
  • Strictly avoid sun exposure, and if it is not preventable, apply Sunscreen, The use of Sunscreen & moisturizer is mandatory

Before & After:


Dr. Dilip Hemnani


I satisfied with the results of Chemical Peels.

Dr. Manoj Kansara


All chemical peels are balanced combination, results are very good with Glicolico peel and Yellow peel.

Product Brochure / Presentation:

  SAMA Peel Brochure

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