Peeling Ferulico

Peeling Ferulico - superficial chemical Leave on peel

The antioxidant action of Ferulic acid protects the skin from the aggressions caused by free radicals. Ferulic acid inhibits and neutralizes the action of free radicals and enhances the effects of vitamins C and E. It protects the skin from UVB and UVA radiation, helping minimize the damage caused by the sun and protecting cellular DNA. Controls tyrosinase activity, preventing and lightening unwanted pigmentations. Ferulic Acid serve as an important antioxidant in preserving physiological integrity of cells exposed to both air and the impinging UV radiation. The Professional Peel treatments the skin undergoes a complete transformation. With visible benefits like The skin will soft and smooth, The texture will become fine and translucent, The color will be healthy and radiant, Wrinkles, spots and other aging signs are minimized, The facial features become more relaxed and the contour becomes firmer and more toned


  • Ferulic Acid - 8%
  • Malic Acid - 5%
  • Citric Acid - 5%
  • Lactic Acid - 5%

pH of this peel to 1.5-3.5


Skin rejuvenation, Glow, Open pores reduction, uneven skin tone

Application Technique

  • Cleansing & Make up Removal: Soak cotton pads in Water. Proper cleansing and complete makeup removal of the skin to be treated. Do not rinse.
  • Degreasing: Soak a gauze in DEGREASING LOTION. Rub vigorously on the area to be treated in order to guarantee the complete cleansing of the skin's fatty layer.
  • Protocol - 1ml to 1.5ml for 1 full coat on the face, some client may require another coat if essentials, safe to use any part of the body.
  • Recommended Exposure Times- When a white mask caused by the crystallized Ferulic acid appears. This product does not need to be neutralized immediately. It is leave on Peel.
  • The patient can leave the peel in place for 6 to 8 hours and then wash it off with water at home. Apply a non comedogenic moisturizing cream after washing.
  • Sessions- 6 session’s weekly treatments in a row followed by fortnightly treatments and finally a monthly treatment to maintain the effects. Total number of sessions will be 08
  • Strictly avoid sun exposure, and if it is not preventable, apply Sunscreen, The use of Sunscreen & non comedogenic moisturizer is mandatory.

Azelaic Peeling Treatment:

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Dr. Dilip Hemnani


I satisfied with the results of Chemical Peels.

Dr. Manoj Kansara


All chemical peels are balanced combination, results are very good with Glicolico peel and Yellow peel.

Product Brochure / Presentation:

  Ferulico Brochure

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