Geolysis - Non-surgical Double Chin Reduction



  • Sodium Deoxycholate is US-FDA approved molecule for Double Chin Reduction in Adults.

Dosage Forms & Strengths:

  • 10mg/ml sterile solution in absolute alcohol, pH:5.5 -7, presented in 5ml vials, 3 in number.
  • Each vial is for single patient use.


  • The protocol always consists of intra fat administration using 30G, 13mm tuberculin syringe. The needle must penetrate tangentially inside the injury.
  • The treatment area is divided into points spaced 1cm apart & 0.1-0.2ml of GeoLysis is administreted in each point, Up to 50 points or 5-10ml of GeoLysis may be used in a single treatment depending upon the planned treatment area.
  • Up to 3-4 sessions may be required at the gap of 1-2 months.
  • After the treatment, Ice compression will be useful to reduce pain. Some Patients may have edema or pain sensitivity upto 10 days.

Cautions & Precautions:

  • Never administer the GeoLysis in Marginal Mandibular never to avoid any complications.
  • Ideal needle is 13mm, 30G.

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