Enzy Peel

Enzy Peel - Antiaging by V-CELL

Deep Cleansing = Soft Epidermal Skin RENEWAL - A treatment of fundamental importance:

  • The skin has an extraordinary reproductive capacity.
  • In four weeks the epidermis tissue actually renews itself completely.
  • This renewal guarantees protection, hydration, softness and smoothness.
  • This renewal also guarantees a faster and more intense level of productive bio-activity.

Soft Epidermal Skin Renewal - A treatment of fundamental importance:

  • The increase in average life span, in environmental pollution and in solar radiation intensity causes.
  • Aging of skin tissue. - Slowing down of natural reproductive cellular turnover. Weakening of natural cutaneous defenses.
  • Skin renewal treatment is fundamental to maintain the natural biological skin vitality, its oxygenation and to quickly and radically repair existing damages.
  • Exfoliation is derived from the Latin world “exfoliare” defined as “to strip of leaves”. Cosmetic exfoliation reduces Corneocytes encouraging the natural epidermal renewal through stratum corneum desquamation.
    • 1. Mechanical exfoliation
    • 2. Enzymatic exfoliation
    • 3. Chemical exfoliation

Enzymatic Method for Soft Skin Renewal

Phyto Peel based on Papain (plant proteolytic enzyme)
  • Phase A: Base Emulsion (the vehicle used to disperse the enzyme immediately before the use)
  • Phase B: Enzyme Powder (the enzyme has to be put in an anhydrous system to keep its activity
  • Phase C: Stop Lotion (to block the enzymatic action if and when needed before the natural end stop) Forall skin types.

Benefits of Soft Exfoliation:

  • Cleans deeply the skin
  • Promotes natural skin renewal
  • Promotes skin vitality, oxygenation and hydration
  • Improves skin smoothness and clarity
  • Promotes overall skin rejuvenation and resurfacing

Enzyme Peel

Papain is a highly potent proteolytic - digestive enzyme (Protein Dissolving Enzyme). It is a cysteine - endopeptidase; isolated from unripe green papaya latex. Green papaya is the most preferred since; it contains the highest amount of the proteolytic enzyme papain in its peel. Once the fruit begins to ripen, enzyme activity decreases dramatically. Papain contains 212 active amino acids & is very rich in malic acid, a very efficienta alpha hydroxy add.
The milk like sap from the peel of a fresh papaya fruit is rich in vitamins & has cleansing, exfoliating, humectant &emollient properties.

Mechanism of Action

Papain peel is a metabolic- digestive peel. Papain is well known in medical cosmetology for its keratin & melanin regulating activity, since andent times. Papain breaks the amino adds linkages, decreases the electro negativity & comeocyte cohesion which causes dissolution of skin proteins. Papain interferes with cell structure & cell wall synthesis. It does not destroy skin cells but merely modifies or stimulates the skin structure.
Papain peel is a peel with metabolic effect. Acidity is not the main mechanism of action. The pH seems to be the factor that allows it to have mainly its metabolic effects on skin.

Salient features of papain enzyme peel & its actions on skin

Papain is a highly potent plant enzyme &digests only dead skin cells leaving live healthy skin cells intact & refreshed. Papain being a metabolic peel & not being a acidic peel per say, it does not have any caustic effect on the skin & hence never dries or shrivel cutaneous structures excessively. It protects the tenderness, freshness & youthfulness of a delicate skin. Papain dissolves dead & worn out skin cells leaving the skin complexion smooth, silky, soft & radiant. Through virtue of its digestive properties, papain dears clogged pores & allows the skin to breathe freely. Papain hydrolyses proteins & is known to prevent scar formation & adhesion of skin structures. It also plays a significant role is in wound healing, minimizing the scar tissue, getting rid of dry, damaged & dead skin, getting of skin pigmentation smoothening of palmar & plantar fissures & overall skin conditioning.
Papain peel is a peel with metabolic effect. Acidity is not the main mechanism of action. The pH seems to be the factor that allows it to have mainly its metabolic effects on skin.

  • Papain causes softening & breaking down of impacted layers of dead skin by severing down the amino acid linkages. This powerful enzyme thankfully dissolves only dead & damaged cells while leaving new & health ones intact. The action of dissolving the layer of dead skin cells instead of loosening & lifting it off; offers a gentle & extremely effective method of exfoliation.
  • The papain enzyme peel is the most advanced peel that gently exfoliates the skin, reduces pore size, and helps to remove blackheads form the clogged skin pores
  • Papain possesses a potent anti inflammatory activity. It accelerates the healing of wounds, minimizes swelling & inflammation of skin tissues, prevents scarformation & dissolves dead skin cells & thereby revitalizes the skin leaving a polished, silky & delicate feel on skin surface.
  • The addition of other ingredients in enzyme peel helps to balance the activity of papain by softening, soothing and hydrating the skin.
  • Enzyme peel is designed for all skin types -
    • Especially for those with large pores and blackheads.
    • For those who desire to exfoliate and dissolve dead, dry & damaged skin cells.
    • For those who desire to rejuvenate their skin
    • For those who want benefits of deep exfoliation performed at home & for various kinds of skin hyper pigmentation disorders.

Immobilized papain

Immobilized papain can be substituted for free papain in almost any application, and is advantageous because it virtually eliminates autolysis, eliminates contamination of a sample with the protease and allows control of the digestion by removing the papain or controlling the flow of sample with the protease and immobilized papain column. Immobilized papain is also more stable against heat-induced denaturation, resulting in longer maintenance of activity.

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