AHA Whitening Peeling Serum

Osaine AHA Peeling Serum

Each formula is loved and desired because every cosmetic must start from interesting ingredients, evoke exciting sensations and have a story to tell.

  • Whitening action
  • Skin regeneration with Chromabright
  • AA2G
  • Glycolic Acid And
  • Mandelic Acid

Features and Benefits:

  • Effective exfoliation of the superficial dead skin cells of the epidermis thanks to Glycolic and Mandelic acids
  • Whitening effect:
    • Inhibition of tyrosinase activity by Chromabright
    • Antioxidant activity (Reducing action)
  • Skin brightening:
    • Enhancement of collagen synthesis by AA2G most stable Vit-C derivative
  • Suppression of the UV skin damage:
    • Due to added Physical sun barrier agents
    • Prevention of inflammation and photo ageing of the skin
    • Antioxidant activity (scavenging action of hydroxyl radicals)
    • Maintenance of skin resilience

Active principles in SR form:

  • CROMABRIGHT (0.1%):- inhibits fungus and endogenous human tyrosinase activity, induces a significant brightening effect. 47% more effective than Kojic Acid.
  • Stabilized form of VITAMIN C (AA2G:-2%):- promotes collagen synthesis, prevents melanin pigment, suppress UV skin damage.
  • GLYCOLIC ACID(10%):- exfoliates the skin surface, lifting dead cells to provide a healthy complexion . Improves skin smoothness.
  • MANDELIC ACID(5%):- lightens darkly pigmented areas like sunspots and melasma, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • AHA


Dr. Swapnil Shah


Combination of AHA & BHA at therapeutic concentration in chemical peels is a great advantage to Indian skin type.

Dr. Abhay Talathi


AHA whitening peeling serum have added a different dimension to home care treatments.

Dr. Manoj Kansara


AHA Whitening peeling serum is the one of the best product of mine, patients are totally satisfied.

Dr. Dilip Hemnani


I satisfied with the results of AHA whitening peeling serum.

Product Brochure / Presentation:

  AHA Brochure

  AHA Whitening Presentation

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